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IT outsourcing

Building an IT infrastructure is a significant investment in time and capital for any company. Supporting that infrastructure can be just as challenging, no matter how large your staff or budget. In today’s ever changing marketplace almost every company is looking for complete customer care that extends beyond routine support to full call ownership and routing. Business is also looking for proactive support through an established escalation process, call status metrics, feedback and trend analysis that eliminates many problems. Green Channel Computers provide Customer Support Services that can help you to increase your competitive position by giving you superior service at every touch point.

IT Outsourcing for businesses should be: helping reduce cost, improving level of service, enable better focus on growth of core line of business, obtain competitive edge by leveraging the skill base and know-how of a capable IT Outsourcing partner. Partners should take ownership and provide accountability for the success obtained from the outsourcing service delivered.
Staple Outsourcing Services provided by Green Channel Computers are

  • Help desk and Remote support
  • Monitoring services, proactive health check and incident response
  • Management and support of Unix and windows based servers and workstations
  • Management and support of network and voice over IP infrastructure
  • Strong capabilities in management of hosted environments in data center environments.

Our engineers are certified and our skills honed around the design, management and implementation of IT services. Through our diverse experience with clients across multiple verticals, we continue to innovate and improve the services and it solutions we provide to our clients. This expertise may be translated in skills, processes & technologies that deliver value-added outcomes that meet your needs.

Proper network planning is essential in today’s business environment. Network planning is the process of outlining business requirements and growth plans to build a blueprint for connecting and purchasing IT resources. Our approach to network planning involves assessing your current needs and how your business will change over time.

Our server management service places emphasis on:

  • Assess usage – Determine who the users are and what type of access they require.
  • Gather Input – Talk to all parties involved and factor in the needs of the various departments.
  • Build in expansion – Detail the direction of your business remembering that staff additions, geographic expansion, remote access solutions, and new applications could change today’s design.
  • Address security – When planning network design, it’s critical to incorporate security into the design.
  • Remote access – With more staff working from the road and home today, the need for secure and reliable remote access solutions is growing rapidly.
  • Training – Technology adoption comes with timesaving and productivity-enhancing features with adequate staff training.